15 Wing Moose Jaw’s own Canadian Forces Snowbirds are back after spring training in Comox, B.C. 

The 431 Demonstration Squadron returned to Moose Jaw on Wednesday after spending nearly a month working on formations and maneuvers along with west coast of Canada. 

However, it was a bit of a late start for the team. 

“We did arrive in Comox with a little delay in our training, So the weather, as you are probably aware, in Moose Jaw last winter was a little bit harsh, lots of snow, lots of drifting snow, poor visibility, lots of ice. We actually arrived in Comox a little bit later in our training by about three weeks,” said Cpt. Gabriel Ferris, public affairs officer for the Snowbirds. 

During their time in B.C., the pilots were in the air two to three hours a day, six days a week. 

However, because of the delay in spring training the Snowbirds were only able to practice parts of their show. They are now working on putting the show together. 

Comox’s loss is Moose Jaw’s gain if you look up to the skies in the coming weeks. 

“So that's actually a little bit special for Moose Jaw because usually people from Moose Jaw and people from the area are used to seeing maybe a flight of Snowbirds once in a while and aircraft flying in the region,” said Ferris.  

“They're not used to a full show basically being performed every day, and that's what people will be able to see in the next couple of weeks.” 

The Snowbirds open the airshow season on June 18 and 19 in Borden, Ont. The season was scheduled to begin in May, but shows in Florida, Michigan and New York were cancelled.  

The Snowbirds are also in the process of planning a home opener. However, details are still being worked out as COVID-19 restrictions are still in place on military bases. 

The show season will continue throughout the summer as the Snowbirds will be heading to shows across Canada. They wrap up the season with three shows in California in October. 

You can see the Snowbirds' full airshow schedule here