UPDATE: 12:00 PM Saturday, April 8

Highways in the West Central area are getting better, but there are still some areas where they remain not good. This includes Highway 4 north of Biggar, and Highway 15 between Kenaston and Outlook.

However, Highway 7 between Kindersley and Rosetown have improved.

What are the roads like in your area?

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Original Article:

Driving conditions are not favourable around parts of west central Saskatchewan. This comes at a poor time for local highways busy with Easter weekend traffic.

This pictured was shared to the West Central Online Facebook page just after 1:00 PM this afternoon.

Wind, rain, snow, slush; you name it. The weather over the past 24 hours has caused for some dicey conditions around the region.

337271061_6782697848425618_2825349400947866467_n.jpg(Photo courtesy of Karin Rae)

The above picture was sent from a car headed on Highway 15 westbound around 2:30. Ice, snow, and slush is currently being reported on the Highway Hotline. 

Another picture submitted to West Central Online from around Kelfield to Biggar, showed a mix of one lane traffic again filled with heavy snow and slush.

slush highway(Photo courtesy of Erin Swan)

There have been multiple reports of cars in the ditch between Kindersley and Netherhill. Conditions have started to get better for some of the roads north around Rosetown and Biggar, and south of Rosetown as well. Caution should still be exercised as temperatures drop into this evening.

Anyone travelling for Easter might want to for wait for better conditions. Check the Highway Hotline for updated information.

337323040_2217391938454854_7913101110408066138_n.jpgNot a good sight from your car dash (Erin Swan)