Anyone following the forecasts around west central Saskatchewan this week knows that seemingly each day has brought the risk of a thunderstorm.

That has at least been the case looking at the Environment and Climate Change Canada weather station out of Kindersley. The threat has looked imminent all week long, but in reality it has been scattered storms hitting the region for about a week now.

The forecast is still predicting a thunderstorm for this afternoon when looking at the Kindersley/Rosetown region. Heavy skies all week long have had people wary even though the rain and thunder just really hasn't been that noticeable.

Rain totals on the Kindersley side show that 2.5 mm fell on Sunday, May 7, a noticeable total as producers in the region received a shot of about 1.6 mm over three other days that had rain. Rosetown's totals on the other-hand show a total of only 0.6 mm. Those numbers were paired with some pretty nice weather as a majority of the days in May have been above 20 degrees.

The temperatures have been pretty consistent, but the amount of rain continues to vary especially looking at areas southeast of Rosetown.

Both Lucky Lake and Outlook are looking at periods of rain Thursday and Friday this week. Just last week Lucky Lake picked up 1.1 mm between May 6-7, and then on the weekend the Outlook region got their own rainfall amounting to 1.4 mm of total precipitation here in May.

Two areas that have been noticing the most moisture? Leader is reporting just under 5.5 mm of total precipitation to the south so far in May, and looking the opposite direction north to Scott around the Biggar area, they have received 5.9 mm of total precipitation aided by two big showers also between May 6-7.

Upcoming rain in the forecast was a major question last week when we checked in with meteorologist Terri Lang. A drier than usual April hasn't exactly led to May flowers, but a little more consistent rain around the region could have things right back on schedule in no time.

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