SaskEnergy just wants to make sure everyone makes it home safe at the end of the day while working the earth. 

Scott McGregor with SaskPower makes it clear that a simple call can save your community, life and time. 

“Before conducting any sort of, you know, work that requires digging or drilling or anything that's kind of below the surface of the ground. You always want to call Sask First Call to identify where the utility lines are potentially buried. 

 It's a really easy way of protecting yourself and your community really because you know, if you are digging an auger down into the ground, you hit a power line, you might knock out power for an entire community potentially, depending on how big the community.  

It's a really quick call to Sask First Call or head over to the website, fill out their form just to get those lines marked and keep yourself safe.” 

McGregor also explained 

“It's it is entirely free. And the turnaround time is, you know, generally very quick so. But head over to Salesforce calls website and they should have all the information on there about how to request a line, locates timelines etcetera.” 

Visit the SaskPower website here for more information on this as well as tools and resources for overhead powerlines as we start hitting the field. 

Sask First Call be can found here