Earlier this week, Saskatchewan received another flight of Ukrainians.

Monday, the Regina International Airport had over 230 war-displaced Ukrainians touch down on the tarmac, joining nearly 4,000 of their compatriots already in Saskatchewan.

"We will welcome as many more as wish to come," Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison said. "Our government will always support Ukraine's right to defend its sovereignty against unjust foreign aggression."

These latest arrivals will be given temporary accommodations and support from the provincial government and will be invited to events to set them up with the skills and work they need to thrive in Saskatchewan.

"Over the next few days, the province has set up workshops for all displaced Ukrainian families to help with the settlement services needed to rebuild their lives here in Saskatchewan," Legislative Secretary for Saskatchewan-Ukraine Relations Terry Dennis said. "Newcomers bring so much to our province. Supporting them through the settlement process is as beneficial for us as it is to each of them as individuals."

The war in Ukraine has continued to escalate since February 22, 2022. Despite international admonishment for their attacks and crimes, the Russian government has continued to push into Ukraine. The Ukrainian people have continued to hold out and fight back while attempting to join the European Union.