The Saskatchewan Forage Council will be hosting a Saskatchewan Pasture Tour held in the Harris area. The tour will take place all day on August 4th.

The tour is producer-focused, where attendees will have a chance to hear from other producers, researchers and Saskatchewan Agriculture specialists. Participants will partake in pasture management discussion and invasive and native plant identification.  The tour will visit sites with forage rejuvenation through bale grazing, rotational grazing and diverse cover cropping. As well as pasture pipelines in rotational grazing, rejuvenation through sod seeding legumes and diverse cover cropping for late season grazing.

Leanne Rousell, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Forage Council, explained the purpose of the tour with West Central Online, "Every operation is different, so if you can take something home with you that would work in your operation, that's the key. Getting farmers, ranchers interacting, networking and talking about what they do in their operation. Every year we try to go to a different location and see something a little bit different, or maybe the same thing but done differently."

Rousell says the tour is very participant orientated and hands on. "We hope to get out right in the field, there's a couple locations where we hope to pile you in the trailer and reroute you to actually go look at stuff."

The tour starts at 9:00 at the New Horizon Hall in Harris, SK. The Saskatchewan Forage Council will accept late registrations, up until the day of, although there is a participation fee. If it rains, the tour will take place indoors at the New Horizon Hall.

For more information or registration contact Leanna Rousell at (306) 329 3116, or Rachel Turnquist at (306) 694 3721,