Written by Ally Paige

Saskatchewan has begun deployment on the new long-term care homes inspection program. 

MLA, Everett Hindley, said that this program has been in the works behind the scenes for quite some time. 

“This actually predates the pandemic, but definitely will help support some of the things we've learned throughout the pandemic,” he stated. 

The inspection process will begin with the inspection of about 20 homes, selected to reflect a balance of rural and urban communities in the province, as well as small, medium, and large homes. 

“It's our goal, that the initial series of inspections on these twenty homes will be complete by the end of March,” Hindley said. “After that, at all long-term care homes, here in the province, will be regularly inspected on a three-year cycle.” 

He emphasized that the program has been put into place to help ensure that residents across the province living in long-term care are receiving excellent treatment. 

Hindley said that the three-year cycle is due to the number of homes in Saskatchewan, with approximately 150 long term care homes in the province. 

“It doesn't mean that nothing is done between when the inspection happens and three years later,” he said. “There will be a back and forth between the inspectors that have been hired by the Ministry of Health and that particular facility to work out a plan, to remedy any concerns that might be there. So, that will take place in between when the inspection has occurred and that three-year cycle.” 

Hindley added that he believes it will be a fantastic program, adding to the quality of care for residents and staff involved in the facilities. 

“There are measures that are already in place in terms of oversight for long term care homes such as, we do residents and family experience surveys that are done biannually,” he said. “They measure the satisfaction of that particular facility based on what we hear from residents and their family members. We monitor key quality indicators to try to identify opportunities to improve care.”