A popular holiday staple is set to return to the Village of Coleville, as the Santa's Hut will be held this Saturday. Joleen Scheible is once again putting together the special Santa's Hut and she explains where and when it will be held in Coleville. 

“It's at the Coleville Legion and the Legion was nice enough to donate the hall rental.  We're doing it by schedule again like we did last year. So, I've got a schedule up on the Colville Village Facebook page,” Scheible said.  

It will be specifically for the Coleville kids first, but Schieble said kids from other communities will be able to come through after the kids from Coleville are done. 

“The businesses and the people from Coleville donated it for the Coleville Kids first, so I get the Coleville kids through first. Then if there's any other kids from other communities, then they are more than welcome to come through, after all of our kids have gone through,” Scheible added. 

The Santa’s Hut is also looking for donations towards the West Central Crisis and Family Support Centre, as Scheible explains. 

“I'm still looking for donation and I'll be taking donations right up until Friday. Of course, all of the proceeds go to the West Central Crisis and Family Support Centre.  We are super appreciative of all of our sponsors and the people who donated. I'm always needing men and women items.” 

The Santa’s Hut begins at 11:00 am, and is all full up until at least 1:30 pm. You can sign up your child by heading to the link here. As mentioned earlier, Coleville kids will be getting pictures with Santa first, followed by kids from other communities.