A new company will be setting up shop near Rosetown, spearheading an exciting new agriculture initiative will bring 25 jobs to the Town of Rosetown.

The news also means it will bring a new type of eco-friendly fertilizer to the market. West Central Online talked to Mayor Trevor Hay, who was very excited to tell us the news, and for the spin-offs that it will bring. 

"AGT Foods and Lucien Bio Science have teamed up to bring us this new eco-friendly type of fertilizer called Soileos. They actually make it out of pulse crops and they're going to be retrofitting the old seed cleaning plant just north of town."

main st rosetown

"The spin-offs are going to be great. From shopping in town, to using all the services including doctors and dentists, and the school system," said Hay, "It's just a really great thing to see. The environment is opportunity right now. It's good to see things being utilized again, and population growth."

Mayor Trevor Hay was born and raised in Rosetown. He's a journeyman autobody technician and was elected to town council 2016. Hay was quick to mention that population growth is at 2.5% since 2016, and he had a couple more tidbits of news. The Mayor's love for Rosetown is evident as he mentioned the local tax breaks, the new autobody shop on Highway 7, and a $2.8 million grant for lagoon expansion.

"Business and residential tax abatements are for new and existing businesses. So if you want to improve your existing business, you can apply as well. If you did an expansion or renovation on your house or business, you can apply for the tax abatement. In the spirit of fairness, I wanted this to apply to both new and existing businesses so they could benefit as well."

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He talked specifically about the lagoon expansion.

"We were awarded a $2.8 million grant for a lagoon expansion. We were at capacity and felt hemmed into a corner for growth. The construction will start this summer and tenders will be going out soon. This will enable us to expand residential neighborhoods, and to expand the business sector."

The atmosphere is electric in Rosetown currently, and with a Mayor/Council like their current one, it appears the future is halogen bright.