After the spring sitting of the Saskatchewan Legislature, Rosetown-Elrose MLA Jim Reiter talked about the highlights from his viewpoint. To no one's surprise, the budget was at the forefront.  

“Probably the highlight, as with usual spring sittings, was the budget. There was a lot of record setting, there was record investment for highways and hospitals and capital projects. $3.7 billion on the healthcare side, there was funding for additional addictions, treatment spaces. More emphasis was put on doctor and nurse recruitment. On the municipal side, there was a record of $298 million for municipal revenue sharing.” 

Mr. Reiter then went into detail of the issues affecting not only just the Rosetown-Elrose constituency, but the province as well. 

“Any of the issues affecting our constituency are the same for a great deal of the province. I talked about health care issues, recruitment focus on that, focus on capital projects in our area like highways are always an issue of concern. So again, I think the budget was pretty good for everyone right across Saskatchewan and including your listening area.” 

Mr. Reiter also added he will be travelling quite extensively this summer, specifically focusing on minerals, as he is the Energy and Resources Minister as well and talking to his constituents.