The urge for Canadian citizens to donate blood never fades and Rosetown residents and those in the surrounding area will have the opportunity to give this month. 

The upcoming blood donor event is Monday September 18th and will be held at the Rosetown Civic Centre from 2 until 7 pm.  

Canadian Blood Services shared details for individuals who are wanting to donate for the first time. 

“If they've never done it before, we usually suggest that they go to our site called It gives you all the reasons why you can donate and the reason why you can't sometimes. If they haven't donated before we create an account for them and get them started.” 

Calling in advance to book your blood donation appointment is recommended says Canadian Blood services due to limited time slots which tend to fill up quickly.  

Booking your appointment is one of the first steps and remembering documentation and medical forms is something Canadian Blood Services wants to remind donors of. 

“The main thing is what we usually tell them also is before they even come, no matter if they've donated before or not, they have to make sure to bring a list of medications if they happen to be on anything and also make sure they bring some identification. Something that's government issued and something with their picture and name on it.”  

Both blood and plasma products are vital to the health and well-being of the public. You can book an appointment to donate blood in Canada in several ways: Call 1-888-2 DONATE or book online at 

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