The Town of Kyle has a special evening planned this upcoming weekend. There are set to hold a Roaring 20s supper and blackjack tournament at the Kyle Elks Community Hall. 

Recreation Director of Kyle, Leanne Pederson, gives some background on the fundraiser.  

“This is a longstanding fundraiser that we've had for over 40 years for our community. All of the money that is raised from ticket sales goes back into the community and the money that is won, there's five $1000 prizes and 10 $500 prizes, and that money is donated also from local organizations in the community,” Pederson said. 

This is the first time a Roaring 20s theme has been used for the fundraiser, and Pederson explained where the idea came from. 

“I had a local gal come to me and asked if she could decorate in the roaring 20s theme because she had all of it from her daughter's wedding and I said absolutely. So, that's kind of where that came about and dressing up as optional, but we thought it would just add a little more fun. There is supper, and then we're doing a blackjack tournament for prizes, so I think it'll be fun,” Pederson said. 

This will be the first time the event has been held in three years due to COVID, and the Recreation Board did ticket sales in the meantime in 2020 and 2021.  

Pederson gives a little bit more information on the special night in the community. 

“Basically, if you buy a $100 ticket when you come to the door, you pay $20 for a separate ticket. If you don't have a ticket and you want to come to supper, it's $25. Anyone can just come in off the street as well just for the blackjack tournament, and there's no charge for that. It’s Saturday, April 9th and the doors open at 5:30, supper’s at 6:30 and then we kind of do the draws randomly throughout the night. The blackjack tournament I think will probably start maybe around 8:00 or so, and we haven't really done anything like this for they used to have a casino night years ago, but we haven't done anything like this for a while. So, we're not exactly sure how long it'll last or anything like that, but there is also a $1000 value door prize for anyone that comes to the event,” Pederson added.  

Expect to hear from Pederson in the coming days on the fundraiser, with some Roaring 20s photos as well.