The Government of Saskatchewan’s 10-year Growth Plan goal to build and upgrade 10,000 km of highways, is set to repair some different spots on Highway 4. This is just another west central job aside from the already planned passing lanes to the Alberta border.

Crews will be doing preservation work between Rosetown and Biggar on Highway 4, and another job just north of Biggar.

On a section between Rosetown and Biggar, crews will be micro-surfacing approximately 16 km of highway. There will be engineered seals on approximately 14 km (when seal-coating is underway the road is covered with loose gravel while the seal cures. To save potential damage to windshields, there will be signs urging motorists to slow down. Reduced speed limits will be in effect, even when no workers are present). This work is expected to be completed by fall 2021.

North of Biggar, a 12 km stretch of micro-surfacing is set for the area, and also expected to be completed this fall.

Rumble strips, sight-line aids, and the installation of signs are just a few examples of the variety of roadwork the government is looking at with their program, aside from the above road preservation examples.