It was a beautiful night for residents of Kindersley to get out and enjoy the weather and scenery around the Motherwell Reservoir on Wednesday. Both youth and adults participated in the Kindersley Museum and Tourism Centre’s Community Trail Night.  

The 2-hour event ran from 7-9pm and saw roughly 40 people join in the fun. Tourism Advisor for the Centre, Emily Polsfut says the event was well received by everyone. 

“We're all just really happy that it was a fun night and we got to bring lots of community members together.” 

The evening featured a scavenger hunt for the kids to participate in with a prize for those who completed it to the best of their ability. Polsfut explains. 

“All the kids that came got a list of different items to find around the dam. Things like the Buffalo rubbing stone, birds, feathers. we had different kinds of plants on there, some with berries and just different nature things you would find out there. As long as they tried their best on the scavenger hunt, they got to put their name in for the draw. I know there were a few things some kids found a little tricky to find, but everyone had fun with it.  

With the tourism season slowly winding down, its unlikely another Community Trail Night will happen this year, but Polsfut is optimistic they’ll host it again next year.