Even though they had a small placeholder festival last year as the restrictions were continually changing, a full and proper Tralapa is something a lot of people in West Central Saskatchewan are looking forward to, but this year's event is going to be even bigger. Between a new building being built at the park and another stage being added into the mix, preparations have already started according to Ranger Chip.

"At the Ranger station we're super excited to get back down to the park, do some work like that building that we fundraised for over the over the Christmas time, get that built and clean up the grounds to get everything ready for the full blown festival this year."

This year's festival promises to have more music than ever before. While loud and heavy rockers Monster Truck are set to take the main stage this year, a second stage is being added for DJs to be playing Electronic Dance Music from 3pm-3am on one of the smaller baseball diamonds, and they are looking to fill out the schedule with more DJs in the coming months.

"It's pretty much going to be its own thing. We felt last year we have a genre of music that's kind of untapped, like there's lots of people that come, but we can get more from  that genre. They'll do their own thing over there, Monster Truck will still be playing in the mainstage area, so yeah it should be a pretty good little audition we think."

While Monster Truck is already confirmed to be this year's headliners, they plan to release the rest of the lineup for the main stage this coming Friday, and for those that might want to check them out early, they'll be playing April 5th in Saskatoon.

Another thing that has the Rangers excited for the next edition of Tralapa is their successful fundraising during the Christmas season that is set to build a new structure out at the park, but they still need help from the public. Volunteers interested in helping out with manual labour cleaning up the park and helping build the new beer garden can reach out to the Tralapa Facebook page on how to get involved, but the main thing they are looking for now is sponsorship to pay their musicians and other costs associated with the festival.

"We're definitely looking for some more funds. I mean it's always good, we usually get good support from local communities and everything like that, but you know, more money definitely helps."

For sponsorships, there are a number of ways people and businesses can get involved whether it be through sponsoring everything from a benches, the mini golf, or the event itself at different levels.

As for involvement already, they already have a decent amount of their 18 spots filled for both the beach volleyball and slow pitch tournaments. The festival goes from August 5-7 of this year.