A friendly and encouraging program will soon return in full force to Kindersley after a 3-year hiatus. Positive Ticketing is an initiative to help build a personal bond between residents and law enforcement officers. 

Town of Kindersley Municipal Enforcement Officer Perry Lewin is thrilled to once again have the program back up and running this summer. 

“I'm really excited to bring this program back. It's something that I was questioned about almost from my first day working here, and I know that the RCMP and a lot of the schools saw a lot of positive reactions from the previous ones.”  

Positive ticketing will focus on keeping residents aware of proper safety measures whether on a pedal bike or in their vehicle. 

“Stuff like wearing a helmet while riding the bike, proper rules when riding a bike, using your turn signal coming to a complete stop, just kind of real basic safety.” 

The same rules apply for adults who will also receive rewards. 

“For adults, it's almost all going to be gift cards. We’ve got some wash cards from Guppy’s Car and Truck Spa and we've got a whole flock of the shop Kindersley cards that will be given out.” 

Lewin hopes the Positive Ticketing will trigger a response that law enforcement is there to provide a friendly face and someone the public can build a good relationship with. 

“The program is to kind of get out of that mindset that bylaw or RCMP officers are just hiding in the bushes, just waiting for people to make mistakes. Positive Ticketing allows officers to establish a greater rapport with the community and to make those connections in non-crisis, non-emergency times so that we're not strangers to people, and we're not interacting with people at the worst time of their day or their lives.” 

Kindersley RCMP officers will also be supporting the campaign with traffic stops and interacting with community members stated Staff Sgt. Kevin Peterson. 

“One of the biggest focuses for this is just looking to have those positive interactions with the kids in the community. If they're doing something to help out or if they're doing something safely, anything like that. We're looking to identify those good behaviors and have those positive interactions between our officers. It also extends to adults as well. If we see any kind of good driving behaviors or anything that kind of deserves a little extra recognition, we're going to identify those things. 

Peterson added it will be nice to interact with people face to face after not being able to do so much the past two years. 

Both Lewin and Peterson hope the Positive Ticketing program will begin next week and will wrap up at the end of summer. Anyone who receives a positive ticket will be entered into a main prize draw which will be made at this year’s Goose Fest.  

Positive Ticketing KindersleyPositive ticketing Program is set to begin in June, (Photo via TOK Facebook page)