A month from now will mark one year since Kindersley's current town council was sworn into office.

Friday, October 28th was the date. It is hard to believe how fast time flies as we're reaching the tail end of the year.

Council met for their 24th meeting on Monday night to discuss a number of topics on their agenda. The evening began with a delegation from the Norman Ritchie Centre Management Inc. group presenting a progress report on the Norman Ritchie Community Centre and inviting council to view the upgrades.

Furthermore, the members are set to update the flooring and create a basic kitchen for the facility and asked if council would be able to use the arts and culture reserve to match grants received for the flooring and kitchen projects. Mayor Rod Perkins asked the group to bring quotes for the projects so they have confirmed numbers before they can proceed with the request.

The Kindersley Council Strategic Plan. (photo: Town of Kindersley)

A discussion was held on a new strategic plan created for both council and the community. Its overall purpose is to provide goals and guidelines for council while sustaining a successful symbiotic relationship with administration and the public.

Three categories make up the strategy:

  • Build Bridges (community);
  • Make It Happen (administration); and
  • Smart Spending (council).

The 28-page document is available for the public to view on the town's website.




Other highlights from the meeting 

  • Mayor Perkins proclaimed the month of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month for Kindersley. Furthermore, October 8-14 will be recognized as Fire Prevention Week, and October 16-22 as Waste Reduction Week.
  • Council moved the discussion for the pedestrian lights project to their next council meeting on Tuesday, October 10th. The decision was made in order to allow administration more time to acquire the estimates for the project.
  • A newer version of the Council Governance Policy was passed. The policy will aid with guiding council's governance relationship with the community and administration, replacing the former Carver Governance Model.
  • Mayor Rod Perkins and Chief Administrative Officer Bernie Morton will be reviewing the survey provided by the Government of Saskatchewan regarding the legalization of marijuana. Perkins noted how municipalities across the province have been asked to complete the survey since local authorities will hold a large role in enforcing the laws passed by the federal government.
  • Councillors questioned the monthly costs for the services provided by an extermination company after some residents have found rodents near homes or businesses in town. Council plans to revisit the contract in place with the company.


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