The annual Parkinson's Superwalk is set to return to the Town of Kindersley, and once again it will be a partial virtual event. Nancy Kelley, who has worked with the Parkinson's Superwalk for over 15 years, expressed the determination of the Parkinson's community, and explained how the virtual walk will work.

"We send in photos, and virtual walks from other times. The perseverance of the Parkinson's community has made it clear that we will not let obstacles stand in our way."

As someone who lives with Parkinson's herself, Kelley shared her optimism regarding the progress of research.

 "We are determined and committed to continue providing support, education, advocacy and guidance to anyone touched by Parkinson's. These services can not continue without the contributions and support from donors like the listeners and readers in the west central area. With over 25 diagnosis daily the number of families affected by Parkinson's is outstanding.  With support, we can sustain these vital services and move forward with research that I am hopeful will ultimately find a cure for future generations."

Kelley managed to raise over $10,000 herself in 2020, and is hoping to excel that number this year. The virtual live opening ceremony for the 2021 Parkinson's Superwalk, which is to be held at 11 am (EST) on Saturday September 11, can be found at (you can also donate at this link) or at Parkinson Superwalk Facebook Live. For more information about Parkinson's, support available, the SuperWalk21 or to donate please call Nancy at 306-463-4514.

West Central Online will have an update on the turnout of the walk, and the amount of money raised as soon as that information is available.