The last week of July was a busy one for Biggar RCMP.  Members responded to 40 occurrences over the week, and at the end of all the shenanigans according to police, the "patience and temperature of the town was at a high."

Two separate arrests stuck out in the latest report.

After breaking into the liquor store, 23 year old Tami Falcon has been arrested and charged and will be appearing in North Battleford court on 13 counts of various charges for Break and Enter, Assault, Arson, Mischief and fail to comply with probation order, release order, and undertaking from previous court appearances.

The other case detailed that 40-year-old Josh Edwards was arrested on warrant, set to be in Biggar Provincial Court next month. Until that time members did manage to assist the individual in finding a men's shelter for residence, and police are sharing that Biggar residents can now freely get in and out of the downtown businesses without disturbances that include pan-handling and the blocking of sidewalks.

The rest of the report saw word of an abandoned vehicle in the RM of Eagle Creek. There were reports of mischief to cattle water troughs in the RM of Glenside. In the RM of Perdue a motor vehicle collision with a deer took place, along with more problems on the road of 'poor driving habits in our residential areas, consistently, with speed near areas with children and stop signs that drivers don’t understand.'

One case saw a home owner attempt to nab an early morning thief in their yard stealing fruit, using a broom as part of a short spar. The situation escalated from there, though a truce was called soon after as the homeowner negotiated their rightful ownership of the goods and the thief had to move on.

Another twelve drivers were booked for traffic safety violations, with 5 others catching warnings.