Harvest operations are starting to wind down in some areas.

This week’s Crop Report shows 78 per cent of the crop is now in the bin.

Shannon Friesen is Saskatchewan’s Acting Crop Management Specialist.

"For most producers in the south, we are now waiting for crops such as flax, soybeans, even some sunflowers, some canary seed to actually dry down so we can get back into the field and get those off. As we move north of course, producers still have quite a bit of crop out there - certainly in the north east, they really haven't budged over the last week or so. And in parts of the north west, things have been very, very slow for them as well."

Friesen says Provincially about 94% of the Mustard is in, 91% of the Durum, 88% of the Chickpeas, 77% of the Spring Wheat, 68% of the Canola and Oats, 66% of the Canaryseed, 37% of the flax and 18% of the Soybeans have now been combined.

She said most crops are better than expected given the extended hot, dry conditions this summer, but we did see some impact.

"We have heard even canola crops have suffered by as much as 75 per cent less yield. Most of those were in full flower during the hottest part of the summer. Of course we've had some soybean crops that have been very slow to mature. We've had reports that pods have not filled properly. And going into the lentils and the cereals, again they just ran out of moisture way earlier than normal."

She notes they’ve had reports of lighter bushel weights, smaller seeds and reduced protein content in some of those cereal crops as well.