The Official Opposition NDP Leader Carla Beck responded to the Provincial Auditor’s 2022 Report on healthcare staffing through an emailed release yesterday. Beck shared comments that condemned Scott Moe’s short-sighted Health Human Resources Action Plan.

“The Provincial Auditor confirmed what doctors and nurses have been saying for years. Scott Moe’s short-sighted health plan is years late and half-baked,” said Beck in the release, “The Auditor confirmed that the Sask. Party has essentially no strategy to retain the doctors and nurses already here. Last year, 600 more SHA staff left than were hired, and the Sask. Party didn’t even conduct exit interviews to determine why.”

They are calling on Sask. Party Government to implement the Provincial Auditor’s recommendations, as they state the Government only has a plan in place to hire 1,000 healthcare workers across the province. In the Auditor report it says more than 700 healthcare workers are needed in Prince Albert, Meadow Lake and La Ronge alone, as even if the Sask. Party’s health plan is successful, the SHA still anticipates that the province will be short 840 continuing care assistants and 520 registered nurses over the next five years. 

“I share the Auditor’s concern that Scott Moe may take healthcare workers from other communities to fill the huge gap in Prince Albert, Meadow Lake and La Ronge, closing more rural hospitals permanently,” said Beck. “The Sask. Party has been in power for 15 years - they alone are responsible for the fact that we’re so short staffed and without a plan to get things back on track.”

Check out some local angles on the Health Human Resources Action Plan below.