For the first time in a long while new COVID cases outnumbered the recoveries. Active cases have been at a steady decline for the past week or so, but raised 58 in Friday’s update as there 295 new cases and 237 recoveries. There was also one death reported and it came from the 70-79 age group in the South West Zone.

Meanwhile here in the Central West Zone there was one new case reported to go along with three recoveries to bring the active case count down to 21 with 15 of those in Central West Subzone 1, which includes Kindersley and Rosetown.

The North West Subzone 3 which includes Unity and Wilkie sits at 35 active cases, including seven new ones today. 

The number of active cases in Saskatchewan now stands at 2,239.

174 people are in hospital with 136 receiving inpatient care, and 38 are in intensive care. The seven-day average of daily new cases is 221.

Just a reminder as well that the province has released a timeline as to when remaining age groups will be eligible for vaccinations, anyone aged 32 and up can book theirs as of Saturday, and anyone 29 and up on Monday.

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Yesterday, the province processed 3,652 COVID-19 tests. They also administered 10,530 doses of COVID-19 vaccine for a total of 491,440. Of all the people age 40 and over in Saskatchewan, 69 percent have received their first dose. That's a nice number. Once the total reaches 70 percent, the province will begin the countdown to the first step of their return to normal roadmap, which begins three weeks after the 70 percent mark.