The Kerrobert & District Wildlife Federation held their annual Wildlife Supper last week, one of their major fundraisers. The money raised helps the group of volunteers in Kerrobert maintain the club's fishing reservoir space among many other outdoor spots.

The Kerrobert Reservoir itself is a great form of entertainment, year round, as this video posted from the group shared a good look at the space available for both summer and winter fishing:

To learn a little bit more about the Kerrobert & District Wildlife Federation's recent event, we checked in with President Rob Cholin.

"Our group doesn't seem to be big on awards. Don't have a whole lot of measuring and weighing going on," shared Cholin. The annual supper is more about celebrating the newer participants, "focusing on first time hunters for awards kind of thing" he shared.

As mentioned it is their biggest fundraiser, and the money is important for a lot more than just maintaining structures and other equipment. Many kids interested in the outdoors have been sent to conservation camps over the years according to Cholin, and they also use it to support different provincial programs such as Habitat Trust.

When it comes to their own projects, however, the Reservoir seems to be the number one priority. They are always looking for possible upgrades, such as improving the docks currently out there, and have already made some tremendous additions, like solar aeration systems which is helping keep the fish alive over the winter.

Cholin talked about the main draw at the Reservoir for local anglers, and how they want to diversify the pond-folio.

"Rainbow Trout right now. We have had some inquiries about putting in something other than Rainbow, so we are discussing that."

Nothing has been announced yet by the group on how much money last Saturday night's event raised. Cholin mentioned there was a good crowd with a limit of 300 people, and the supper stayed true to the theme with nothing but wild meat being served in different delicious ways.

"We had elk taco salad, we had deer sausage, cutlets. Moose meatballs. Northern pike. Elk roast. I think that was most of our meat dishes," said Cholin, almost forgetting about the ginger deer that was on the menu.

Finishing off our chat, Cholin mentioned that a few ice shacks are out on the Reservoir, as well as other spots being cleared off where people took their own liberties towards some winter recreation. It's truly a year round spot for all human and wild-life to enjoy, and continued efforts from the Kerrobert & District Wildlife Federation in the future will only improve the spaces appearance and even utility.

To check out some pictures and thanks from the event, check out the group's Facebook post from earlier this week below: