After months of pushing the date back, the United States Government is opening up the land border for Canadian travelers looking to visit their southern neighbors.

After Canada previously lifted restrictions for American travelers in August, U.S. authorities kept the border closed citing health concerns.

But now, a date has been set - November 8 - for when Canadians can travel across the land border to the U.S.

While travel between the countries has been possible through air services for a while, land travel is more convenient for some people.

MLA for Estevan Lori Carr says she's happy to hear that the border will be reopening.

"When I heard that the border would be opening for the general public again in November I was pretty excited because we'd actually done this for them back in August," said Carr, "So it's nice to have that opportunity for our travelers to have that now."

Carr says she expects people to be traveling South for a variety of reasons.

"I think it's going to be a combination of people who are going to be crossing the land crossing," said Carr, "Whether they're shopping, there are several people who'll be visiting family more freely, and there'll, of course, be that downtime that they'll be doing, whether they're vacationing or going down to Arizona, whatever people do."

People seem to be excited to go across the border again, partially to repay some of the visits they've had from Americans, says Carr.

"The people that I've had the opportunity to speak to about this are excited for this to happen," said Carr, "We've been having our American friends come up here and support our community, so now they're anxious to be able to get down there whether that be shopping or visit family."

As for herself, Carr says she'll be going down for a trip to the U.S. - though more than likely not for a while, thanks to her work.

"For right now, I think I'm just gonna stick around right here in Saskatchewan," said Carr, "We've got a little bit more work to be done here, and of course when I do get the opportunity I'll be going down but I don't think I'll be going down until next year."