Trips north and west of Kindersley last week made up Week 3 of Meal in the Field 2023.

The first Panago Pizza delivery of the week went to the Graham's who operate a good stretch of land south of Coleville.

Graham 1.jpg Gracious guests were the Graham's

The Sullivan's were just as happy to get some pizza and wings, hard at work in their field north of Marengo that has received more rain than the average spot.

Sullivan 2.jpg The Sullivan's salivated over some pizza 

You can never avoid a windy day when your in a field, but nothing could put a damper on the winner's good spirits when there's a free lunch on hand (and likely leftovers)! 


Want to enter your farm for our last week for deliveries? Find the link below for the chance to be the final Meal in the Field winners of 2023.