Story written by Hannah Wurz

The Luseland Homecoming Hall Board hosted a paint night with local artist Jared Fischer on November 27. The hall board in Luseland has recently been restored after being disbanded for multiple months. This is the first significant fundraiser that has been held for the hall since the new hall board has been formed. All the proceeds made from the event are going towards renovations that the hall is in substantial need of. 

Board chair Krystal Bazylinski was one of the main organizers of the event. She explains the current restoration plan as well as future developments for the community building.

“Some of the main projects we want to touch on is replacing the old boiler, installing eaves and gutters, and our big plan is to be able to renovate the kitchen as well and bring it up to more of a commercial kitchen that inspires the caterers coming in,” said Bazylinski.

The painting portion of the night was taught and illustrated by Jared Fischer. He is a native of Luseland and many of his works can be seen around the town, such as his murals on the side of the rink and at the cemetery. A landscape of the sunset by a lake was the picture chosen by him to paint at the fundraiser. 

Many local individuals donated raffle and silent auction prizes for the event including OSY Rentals, Luseland Family Foods, Lela’s Music, Luseland Credit Union, Agora Construction, and West of The 3rd along with many others.

“We've had so many great donations from some great supporters around the Luseland area. I'm very, very excited that everybody came here and took part in this.”