The Kerrobert Prairie Branches Day Program continues to stay busy in the spring and now summer months of 2022. Program Director of Kerrobert Prairie Branches Cindy Ternes talks about what they have been up to.  

“We went to a train station, the Alberta Train Railway trip last month, which was great. We've also helped out with the Kindersley MLA Ken Francis golf fundraiser here in Kerrobert. And then we've attended things such as meeting up with Unity Prairie Branches. And then we also go to Pioneer’s Haven, we've got a good relationship with them, we go do chair yoga there and visit them,” Ternes said.  

Don’t know what to do with your recycling? The Day Program can help you out, as Ternes explains.  

“We are still collecting bottles, as always.  It's a drop off center here, so anybody who wants to drop off their recyclables can, because we use that money to go on trips such as the Alberta railway and all that stuff.” 

As for other things on the go, Ternes said the EMS come in once a week to encourage a safe environment.  

“We have a really good program with the EMS, they come in usually weekly and interact with our group here, which creates a safe environment. So, if they ever have to use it, they have a relationship already built on that, whether they share their knowledge with us with teaching or whether it be doing a scavenger hunt or making smoothies or a basketball shoot, something like that. Building relationships, right?” 

The Day Program will be holding an outdoor participant sale rain or shine on July 27. 

“We are having an outdoor participant sale from 10:00 am to 12:00pm, and we're just going to have a hot dog and juice box sale. So, if anybody wants to come out and see what the guys do for their businesses, they're more than welcome to come and attend. We would love to see them, even if it is raining, we'll do it inside,” Kissick added. 

There are all kinds of different businesses the group are showcasing, Ternes says. 

“We have that “2 Sweet” candy business that they can't keep up with, and that's great. That’s Phillip and Joe that created the “2 Sweet” candy business. And then we also have Phillip that makes hot plates. They're made out of ceramic tile, and they were decorated and coated, so it's a great hot plate to sell. And then we have Chad that does fire starters and dog treats, which are fabulous. And then we have Darren that makes his homemade root beer and does a lot of lawn service. And then the guys do custom shredding as well, four of them do custom shredding, so we're very diverse facility.” 

The plans for the rest of the summer include an overnight trip to Drumheller after funds are raised, and Ternes loves being able to help the Day Program every single day. 

“The group deserves every opportunity in the world for everybody to learn from them. Because I'll tell you the best gift that I ever learned was from them, and that's compassion kindness, love, forgiveness. That's why I love my job.”