The blizzard that ripped through the west central region last night had people stranded on highways, and some stuck in their vehicles for multiple hours. Eric Kozakevich with Competition Towing in Rosetown was one of those people out on the highways and he discussed his busy evening and early morning.   

“The calls came in right at supper time last night, it's just been nonstop since then. I had to sit through the storm myself so I couldn't get out early enough, but I pulled out a few and I've made some gas deliveries. The only really bad one we had; we maybe had some vehicles rear ended from people can't see, like the very last one I picked up last night was sitting in the middle of the highway, nobody with it, and it was all smashed up in the back end because somebody hit it. I don't know if they hit it and then they left it, or if somebody abandoned it there because of the snow and then it got hit I really don't know what happened,” Kozakevich said. 

He has been on the road all night and into this morning, as there are still cars abandoned on the sides of the road, and/or stuck as of Tuesday morning.