Last weekend saw the annual Parkinson's Superwalk make it's way through Kindersley once again.

Due to COVID, the walk had to be scaled down this year, with fewer people taking part at the event itself, but with many more being able to join in through Facebook and other online alternatives.

The walk raises money to put towards Parkinson's research, aiming to one day develop a cure for the disease. The walk is usually able to bring in a staggering amount of money, and this year was no different.

Over the weekend, the walk was able to collect around $11,000, with donations continuing to come in until the end of the month. This event takes place across all of Canada, so the national total is currently around $1.4 Million, and just like the local events, that total continues to rise.

Kindersley resident Nancy Kelley, who has taken part in the walk for many years now, was grateful for all the support the walk received, and encouraged people to watch the opening ceremony of the event online, and to continue to support Parkinson's research.