The first season of videos turned out to be a hit, and many are now eager to see what Kindersley's Mady Adamson has planned next for this upcoming season on the farm. A few good videos have come out lately, but Adamson actually just recently used her teaching talents in person for some young minds from the area.

Once harvest wrapped up Mady had to come up with some more creative content, and they have been on a roll as the busy part of their season approaches faster and faster each day. 

One recent video was on pre-seeding, and then another was a great showcase of some products that are made thanks to products such as the ones off Mady's farm. The latter piece of content had a big fan, in perhaps her biggest supporter outside of her parents in QuickDickMcDick. 

These two are certainly expected to collaborate again at some point, but until then, enjoy the videos being mentioned below!