Since she began producing videos about seven months ago showing people the ins and outs of life on the farm, young west central student and content creator Mady Adamson has made a name for herself online in the Saskatchewan farming world.

The young farm advocate is all ready to go for Agribition this week in Regina after receiving a special honour last week. She was nominated for the Farm & Food Care Champion award, and was given an honourable mention at the ceremony where Dr. Stuart Smyth, an associate professor in the Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics at the University of Saskatchewan, was given the award.

Adamson was happy to congratulate Smyth on the award, as she has had more than enough recognition so far this year. One of her biggest fans is fellow farm content creator Quick Dick McDick, who recently caught up with us before his show in Eston. Despite his massive following, he isn’t about to influence the family farm series in any drastic ways.

“They are doing a great job, to be honest my support is very minimal. They are very much doing their own thing, all I do is hit the retweet button every now and then,” he said referencing where their initial relationship started on Twitter, “I follow it really close because I really enjoy her content, and it’s just really cool to see how she plans her videos.”

Quick Dick said he has definitely learned some things when it comes to watching Mady’s videos, and is so impressed with the work her parents have done to let her flourish.

“Her mom and dad and family there, I have had the pleasure of meeting them, and they are fantastic people too,” he said, “It’s kind of a neat thing with social media, it is what it is, but when you actually get to put real life connections to people and build relationships out of it I think that’s a really positive part of it.”

Mady’s first 50+ videos have been mainly in chronological order following the order of a typical farm season, but in order to keep the creativity going she is going to have to probably think outside of the box for season two. Quick Dick is confident in her potential.

“I don’t doubt that she’s got that creativity with her,” he said, teasing a potential winter video her in the process, “We are going to look at some safety things, and have some fun with it, and hopefully it sparks a little bit of a light in her to see what kinds of things she can do this winter.”

Last time he spoke with Mady and her mom he noticed the creative energy they had when talking about the video series, and expects big things coming content wise should they commit to some winter work.

“There is definitely no shortage of creativeness going on there.”

The two will see each-other this week with it being Agribition in Regina. A 4H themed show between the two is expected, as well as a podcast appearance. McDick will likely be very busy as a celebrity at the show, but Adamson will certainly be very busy as well. The family can’t wait for a week full of agriculture education, and a chance to help sell their Learning About Ag With Mady merchandise for a good cause once again.

Expect to hear from the young west central girl about her time at Agribition.