The Kindersley Jr. Klippers have been off the ice for almost 2 months at this point, with the next big announcement from the Government of Saskatchewan set to impact hockey expected on January 15th. Many people in the province don't expect the SJHL to return this year, but SJHL President Bill Chow is not one of them.

Chow recently appeared on The Neugsie Sportscast podcast to discuss the current season outlook. He said that despite the uncertainty of a restart date, the league is optimistic about it's chances of returning to play. Chow has been known to take a positive approach to the situation, and believes that they could put a plan in place to crown a champion for this season.

Unfortunately the decision will ultimately not be up to Chow, rather being dependent on individual team's finances.

Jr. Klippers Marketing Manager Drew Soderberg recently gave major props to the team's sponsors in a recent interview, crediting their continued devotion to the team as a main reason they remain confident in a return to the ice.

"In times like these with the uncertainty of the economy being what it is, you want to pinch every dollar you can." said Drew, "We just want to thank the loyalty with the sponsors we have. We wouldn't have a team without them."

With the current season hiatus, Soderberg has been working hard to keep the team relevant on social media, as well as selling tickets to the team's key 50K Lotto fundraiser. For tickets, call the Klippers business office at (306)-430-8011, or email and Drew will get you set up.

Speaking on the hockey side of things, Soderberg says they are waiting just like everyone else.

"The plan and the goal is to be back on the ice in February, and what they decide on the 15th should be the main determinant on whether we get to do that or not."

In the meantime, fans can hear what Drew's been up to on Country 104's latest 'The Klipper Report', as well as past editions with local Logan Linklater and alternate captain Noah Lindsay.