Thanks to her personal donations and contributions to Parkinson’s research, Nancy Kelley has been named one of Kindersley’s “Everyday Heroes.”

Kelley has been living with Parkinson’s for over 14 years and is fully aware of what the disease can do to a person’s life. It’s for this reason that she became an important member of the Parkinson’s Superwalk, which helps to raise funds for further education, advocacy, research, and hopefully a cure.

Saskatchewan’s most recent Parkinson’s Superwalk took place earlier this fall and helped to raise over $125,000. Kelley made a significant contribution to reach that total, as she personally donated over $12,000. The recent contributions helped Canada reach and surpass its goal of 2 million dollars, hitting 2.4 million nationally.

Kelley is grateful for all the support she’s been given, and expressed her thanks.

“I would like to thank all the readers in the west central area for their continued support and pledges for the Parkinson’s Super Walk. With over 25 people being diagnosed daily, it is amazing the number of families that are affected by Parkinson’s and everyone is hopeful for a cure”

Kelley also runs a support group out of the Kindersley Hospital, which meets on the second Wednesday of every month. 

“We have different speakers come in, whether it be on Parkinson’s medication, or physiotherapy, or exercises, those kinds of things. Everyone seems to enjoy coming out, telling their story, and getting together.”

Thanks to the support she received, Kelley was also the 9th highest fundraiser in all of Canada.