West Central Saskatchewan will be proudly represented at this year’s Telemiracle 46. Belle Diabolique, a resident of Kindersley, will be displaying her talent on the stage as part of the pre-show. 

The performance was recorded in advance in Saskatoon, but the same energy will still be felt this weekend. 

Diabolique says the two songs she chose to sing hold a special place in her heart and reflect the meaning of Telemiracle. 

“The cover I chose is “Revolution” by Coco Love Alcorn. It has deep, deep personal meaning to me. The meaning that we can all change, the world needs a change, it deserves a change and Telemiracle is all about change and changing people’s lives for the better, so I thought that would be fitting.” 

Diabolique will also be performing an original song as part of the pre-show titled “Angel”. 

“My original song, it’s a song I wrote kind of about mental health, like everyone can improve their mental health. It's very important to have good mental health, especially going through these trying times and if you are dealing with a disability and you do need assistance in some form or fashion, it’s a song for you.” 

Aside from her performance, Diabolique was also able to raise some money to donate to Telemiracle on her behalf. 

“I made an online fundraiser on the Telemiracle website. That’s one of the things I did so far. I had a goal of $500 and I’ve raised $480 towards it so far.” 

The pre-show for Telemiracle 46 is set to begin at 6pm on Saturday March 5th, and Diabolique believes her performance will be aired sometime around 7pm.