After some of the April showers transitioned into the beginning of May, residents are getting to enjoy summer-like weather throughout the region.

Temperatures are staying steady in the double digits with some days reaching a highs in the mid to high 20s. So, there is no doubt people are taking advantage of the nice weather and spending more time outdoors.

While residents are out and about running errands or participating in activities, they might be inclined to bring their pet along for the adventure as well. Sometimes it is just a quick trip to the local store or stopping by the post office; leaving your pet in the car does not seem like a bad idea since it will only take a few minutes.

Although, it could be quite dangerous for your furry friends. On days when it is very warm out, it can only take a few minutes before your pet starts to overheat in the car. This can draw concerns from other residents passing by and noticing your pet is in distress.

Which brings up another problem.

The Kindersley RCMP recently discovered a social media post circulating about the topic of pets being left in vehicles unattended in warm/hot weather. According to the post, police have given permission and instruction to break a window of a vehicle to get inside and save the animal.

In response, the detachment wants to remind people by stating "this is not true".

A portion of the Kindersley RCMP states the following:

If you see any animal in distress that has been left unattended in any vehicle, please do not break the window. Instead, take down the vehicle's make, model, and license plate number and call your local police or 310-RCMP from anywhere in Saskatchewan. If you are at a business, attempt to have the owners paged to attend to their vehicle.

We also ask the public to not leave their pets unattended in their vehicles. They heat up quickly in warm weather- even if it’s for a quick errand. Instead, leave your furry friend at home where they are much safer or find an alternative place to keep them while you are out.


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