Members of Kindersley Minor Ball would be the first to tell you that local businesses volunteering to help out is the main reason for the quick erection of 6 new batting cages in town.

Excellent progress is being made every week on the new cages. Check out their work, and check out all the local help they have had, by following along with Kindersley Minor Ball Facebook posts below!

Getting the cages built themselves even came local!

After that, a local picker service came in to set the cages in their permanent position, and do any other placement work that needed to be done.

The freshly built cages needed a wash, and another local service with ties to the diamond came and helped.

With the cages washed, the picker would come back to get the rest of the cages into place.

There is still some work to do, but this final post shows the work that has been done, that should continue to promote baseball in the Town of Kindersley!


Again there is more work to do, but the organization is happy to have come so far with the project already. They likely are sending a big thank-you to everyone who donated their time, money, or equipment.

West Central Online will continue to have updates on the work being done to Kindersley's baseball complex.