After the first night of darts, there's already plans to make the next one bigger and better. Legion member David Burke says "We're going to add a couple more dart boards and get the shuffleboard table operational. We're looking for shuffleboard rocks right now."

Around 20 people showed up on Thursday night to play a quick easy game of darts in the basement of Kindersley's Royal Canadian Legion. The night was organized by Classic Hits morning show host and Legion member Devin Brown. 

"We got everything that we were looking for. Good people, good fun and we got it off the ground for now" he said. "Next week has a Senior Klipper game against Drake on the same night, but these things happen and we'll continue to have these weekly. Some things are beyond our control. We'll stay with Thursday night and make the best of it, with whoever can make it."

Branch 57 in Kindersley has donated over $4000 back into the community in the past year. They recently bought an AED for the facility at a cost of over $1600. Their regular monthly meetings are the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm, and any Canadian citizen over the age of 18 can join.