Multiple road reports have come in this morning from people around West Central making their morning commute.

"Dinsmore to Elrose, the highway is pure ice. Gravel isn't much better. Plus the wind is pushing the truck off the road. Stay home for a while this morning for sure," wrote in Dean.

After that, we received a call from Cody who was trying to make his way west. Between Kindersley and Flaxcombe there was a semi in the ditch with flashing lights, and Cody noted that not too much farther down the road other heavy-haulers were putting chains on their tires. 

"Coming up to Alsask here doing the little speed curve, it is absolute ice and all of the 18-wheelers are putting tire chains on."

It could continue to be an ugly morning on the roads until the sun comes out. Share what you are seeing in the various ways below: