It's still open season on white tailed deer here in the province, and hunters are likely out in the early mornings or at dusk, especially over the past week into this one, where the forecasted high is 8 degrees though mostly cloudy.

Conservation Officer with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, Lindsey Leko, said there is a 'sweet spot' in regard to the weather, but seasoned hunters aren't going to be tethered if it's too miserable out there.

"We know with the blizzard-like conditions we had, with a strong wind, the deer all kind of hunkered down. They'll take some cover. But the good hunters, they'll seek him out, right? They'll walk, and push some bush, and they'll get him moving. So long as it doesn't get too warm, because you kind of want the deer moving around a little bit, and if it's warm, they're not going to want to do that."

Leko said, another good reason it can't be too warm outside if you're going hunting, is how slushy and muddy rural roads can get when it thaws.

"If it gets too warm, it's gonna turn to slop, and get rather difficult moving around," he noted. "And then if you're lucky enough to harvest an animal, you're gonna want to make sure it's cool out there just to maintain the meat properly. You don't want it getting too warm. You want it cool and cold."

Hunting season on white tailed deer takes place in the cold of late fall for another great reason: more deer for next year.

"You definitely want to give your animals enough time to take part in breeding seasons and stuff like that," said Leko, adding the pregnant females are to be left alone.

"Leave them alone so that they can give birth and replenish the populations."

Hunting season closes on December 2nd. Read more HERE.