A great opportunity for future hunters to get certified and become familiarized with gun safety is coming up this month. The Kindersley Wildlife Federation is hosting 3 Saskatchewan Hunter Education courses where everyone 12 years of age and older is welcome to attend. 

Melanie Varty with the KWF touched on what the course offers. 

 “It should give them everything that they need to know how to handle firearms safely and what to expect for hunting and the rules and regulations, the new protocols.” 

Those looking to sign up should do so in advance because materials used during the course take some time to be delivered. 

Course dates are June 26, 27 and 29th, and July 3, 4, 6th and July 10, 11, 13th and run from 6-8 pm each night. 

These Hunter Education courses are $70/person and totals 16 hours of in person learning, something Varty encourages. 

“There is an online class too, but Resident Conservation Officer Ted Glass found that in person we get a higher pass rate and more success with it.” 

Registration can be done so by contacting Melanie Varty at (306) - 671-8088 and Ray Varty at (306) 831-9920