The Golden West team was out once again to deliver a hearty meal to local farmers in the West Central area this week. On Thursday our travels took us just south of Coleville where we were greeted by John Fiest and his family who were delighted to welcome us to their farm.

Kerrobert Reddi-Mart supplied plenty of fried chicken, potato wedges, and donuts for Fiest and the crew who are on some downtime while they wait for the last of their crops to ready. The family has been farming in the area since 1945 and Fiest remembers how they used to do things back in the day.

"When we moved here, we were farming with horses at the time and everything has changed since that. Everything was good then, and everything is good now too."

Fiest's nephew, Jody Brotzel who assists with harvest told us how the 2022 harvest has gone so far and when they plan to finish up.

"Things have been going fairly well this year, we actually only have 160 acres left and we should be going again soon when its ready and take it off in a day."

Its mostly cereal crops the Fiests farm with a trial of peas this year which ran decent, Brotzel added. Equipment wise, old and reliable is what is used during harvest on the Fiest Farm chuckled Brotzel as he detailed the combines.

"We're running the old Masseys still and they're from the 80's so it takes us a little while to pull the acres off then some of the newer guys, but we still get out there and get after it."

Harvest may be slowing down for the 2022 season, but Fiest, Brotzel and the rest of the family show no signs of slowing down with the farm anytime soon.

Included below are photos of our 4th Hometown Harvest stop, and a full interview.