The Canadian Federation of Agriculture is working on a "Hay West " initiative.

Keith Currie, the 1st Vice President of the CFA , says the goal is to move hay from the east out to the producers in the west that are dealing with the impact of the drought and wildfire situation.

"Quebec has had some good growing seasons and Atlantic Canada, which really they were the ones that began to push for a Hay West initiative. The Atlantic provinces have had an extremely good growing season, especially for forage production. So, we are very happy to know that they're putting this push on or beginning this push to look at growing and moving hay or feed west to our farmers and ranchers in need."

Currie says the CFA staff are working with a third-party to handle the logistics and coordinating the hay supply.

"We're also looking at two factors on the other end, and that is getting it landed and getting distributed. But before we do the distribution, really honing in on the immediate areas of need. We certainly can't move enough feed to satisfy everybody out there. But where's the real urgency areas in Western Canada we desperately need to get this feed to right now."

Currie says he's hoping to see the first load from Atlantic Canada move out later this week.

"We're working with the folks on the ground and particularly in the western provinces as to the areas of most need. And, you know, as I mentioned, we won't be able to move the volume of hay that's required to satisfy everybody's needs in the West because it's such a widespread area and such a such a drastic and large impact."

He notes what they want to do is help try and preserve the future of, in particular, the cattle industry, the breeding stock, so people will be in business next year.