Story written by Hannah Wurz

Mother Nature has blessed west central Saskatchewan with another white Christmas. The temperatures have seemed to drop for the last half of December so make sure you are staying warm for the holidays. Even better, Christmas and New Year's happened to fall on Saturdays this year if you want to get your party on (or stay up late watching Netflix).

The big day is here and if you haven’t already finished your Christmas shopping, it’s time to buy those last-minute gifts. Some people, however, are very difficult to shop for. Most of the time I just take the easy way out and buy a gift card.

The easiest person (or...animal?) to buy for is my dog. You could give a dog anything and they would shake their tail and smile the entire time. Some would argue that your pets don’t even know it’s Christmas, so why buy them a gift? I can see how people could go too far with gifts for their pets. While I was writing this blog, I found a video of a lady holding her hamster’s arms and making him open his wrapped present. No judgement, but that might be where I draw the line.

Did you spoil your furry friends for Christmas this year?

If you are buying your pet a gift, let us know what you decided to get for them in the Facebook comments! Whether it’s a new toy, some treats, or a ridiculously cute Christmas sweater.

Nonetheless, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas whether you are spending it alone or with family. Have a happy and safe holiday season!