Written by Gage Gosselin

In response to the ongoing attacks on Ukraine, the Government of Saskatchewan states it is working with ministries, crown and agencies, as well as with partners in the Saskatchewan Ukrainian community to offer support. 

The Government of Saskatchewan has offered the following:

  • Donating $100,000 to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine
  • Providing administrative support to the Saskatchewan-Ukraine Relations Advisory Committee (SURAC) through the government liaison and intergovernmental affairs
  • Waiving long distance and text message charges from Canada to Ukraine for Sasktel customers, and roaming charges for those in Ukraine
  • Prioritizing applications from Ukraine for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program
  • Communicating with the federal government regarding Saskatchewan's ability and willingness to accept refugees
  • Working with post-secondary institutions to determine the impact on international students and potential supports
  • Raising Ukraine's flag, which will continue to fly indefinitely outside the Legislative Building
  • Effective immediately, Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority will delist Russian products from its distribution centre and retail stores. Private retailers are encouraged to do the same. 
  • Saskatchewan states that Russia should be met with severe and immediate trade sanctions. The Government of Saskatchewan showed its support in the sanctions imposed by the Canadian Government, along with other nations across the world. 

The Government of Canada continues to call for the immediate end of the importation of Russian oil and natural gas. 

The Saskatchewan Government states that for any Saskatchewan residents who may be out of the country, the following resources from the Government of Canada should be used: 

  • Canadians in need of emergency consular assistance can contact the embassy by email at KYIV-Consular@international.gc.ca
  • At any time, Canadians can also contact Global Affairs Canada's 24/7 Emergency Watch and Response Centre by phone at +1 613 996 8885 by email at sos@international.gc.ca or by SMS at +1 613 686 3658.

The Government of Canada is encouraging people to sign up for the Registration of Canadians Abroad, so critical information and updates can be communicated. Individuals can register here. 

The Saskatchewan Government states that donations from the public in support of humanitarian efforts can be made to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress here.  

Another option to donate to is the Canadian Red Cross, in which the Canadian Government will match donations made between February 24, and March 18, up to a maximum of $10 million. 

Approximately 15 percent of Saskatchewan residents trace all or part of their ancestry to Ukraine, states the Government of Saskatchewan, so Ukrainian culture and traditions are embedded deep within Saskatchewan.