Anyone wanting to golf this long weekend might need to plan their tee times strategically with the potential incoming weather. All golf courses in the west central region should be up and running as we are past the mid-point of May.

This includes the one in Kerrobert, where one lucky golfer stroked a perfect shot early this year.

The Kerrobert Golf Club opened up course operations at the end of April. They ran a very successful pre-membership campaign partnering with a local establishment that gave early willing customers a gift card. Other promotions have included a draw for a free 9 hole round of golf, and the return of men’s and ladies nights to the course shortly after their opening.

Shannon Ryan with the Kerrobert Golf Club says the increased action they are seeing at the course is no surprise thanks to the anticipation noticed from the town to get out golfing.

“People had literally just been counting down the minutes for when the golf course was going to open again,” she laughed.

It should be noted that supper is still not being served at the men’s and ladies night events, and other COVID-19 guidelines are still in place that can all be found online. Course staff and admin are waiting for updates on the reopening road-map to plan their path back to 100% service, but for now are just going with the same rule-set that was established last year.

Continued excitement should be seen as the season rolls on, and course amenities eventually start to open back up. Updated rules do see that beverage carts are permitted, and that dressing in locker rooms is being allowed as well with increased cleaning and disinfection.

Ladies night goes every Tuesday at the Kerrobert Golf Club, while Men’s night is on Thursday.