The racing season is about halfway complete for Flatlanders Speedway out of Kindersley.

A single day event on June 10 was followed up by a great Friday and Saturday of racing in early July as fans and drivers alike have been greatly enjoying the action west of Kindersley on Highway 7.

Prior to the season when Flatlanders announced their schedule, fans were curious about the shift to Friday/Saturday race-days instead of Saturday/Sunday in years past. Track President Jason Hankewich was excited to bring a different atmosphere to the track.

"Trying to do an under the lights type thing. Kind of like a Friday night football game." explained Hankewich before going into just why things didn't work out, "It's cool under the lights, but unfortunately we had some light problems, and then it was just hard on a Friday night with everyone having to finish work."

Perhaps there will another attempt in the future to get a steady schedule going under the lights, but a return to regular programming will ensure the best field of cars Flatlanders can get.

"Conflict of interests on Friday to make it work, as well as the out-of-town guys were having trouble getting there Friday night. We found the majority wanted to move it to Saturday and Sunday."

Hankewich is hoping it all works out to a great end of the season.

"I think it works better for the fans and the racers."