UPDATE: Monday, May 15, 2023

Some dry spring weather has resulted in more fire bans in west central RMs.

This includes the RM Lacadena near Kyle, the RM of St. Andrews, the RM of Kindersley, the RM of Mountain View, the RM of Grass Lake southwest of Unity and the RM of Progress near Luseland. 

Fire restrictions have also been added to the RM of Mariposa near Kerrobert, and the RM of Purdue east of Biggar. The restrictions include campfires, BBQs and approved incinerators. 

UPDATE: Monday, May 8, 2023

A couple of more West Central RMs have been added to the fire ban list. This includes the RM of Monet in the Elrose area, the RM of Senlac north of Macklin. Also included in the RM of Oakdale ban is the Village of Coleville, and the RM of Milton ban includes the Village of Marengo. 

UPDATE: Friday, May 5, 2023

Some more RMs have been added to the list of fire bans in West Central. This includes the RM of Heart's Hill south of Macklin, which was brought to the attention of West Central Online Friday morning. Also included in the updated list was the RM of Marriott north of Rosetown, the RM of Pleasant Valley southwest of Rosetown, the RM of Fertile Valley near Outlook, the RM of Newcombe south of Kindersley and the RM of Tramping Lake south of Unity. 

Original Article:

With the warm dry weather, several municipalities have put in place fire bans. 

This includes the RMs of Chesterfield #261, Harris #316, Prairiedale #321, Vanscoy #345, Grandview #349, Eagle Creek #376, Rosemount #378, Reford #379, Grass Lake #381, Buffalo #409, and Round Valley #410.

The bans are in place until lifted by the affected municipality.