When you walk into any museum, you take a step back in time. That's fairly typical. What you don't expect is to find such style and flair.

The Kindersley and District Plains Museum hosted their "Blast From The Past" fashion show Wednesday night. A lady lingers in the lobby a little longer. Did she enjoy the show, "Yes, it was really beautiful. I wonder where they got those clothes? The models were exquisite."

Irene Trzask was happy to talk to a journalist about the evening. Her friend Josie leans in to make sure we have all the right adjectives. "They were gorgeous" says Josie Borshnick.

For a little over an hour and a half models walked down the 20-foot runway. There was an intermission, but for the most part it was one after the other. All the styles were matched to music and matched with proper shoes, hats and scarves. Questions about the event that has so many people smiling are popping like grasshoppers in front of the lawnmower. West Central Online was curious what era were these outfits from. Irene replied, "the forties... anywhere from the 1920s, 40's and 50's."

She also mentioned that there was a wedding dress from 65 years ago, and the couple that just celebrated their 65th anniversary was in the crowd. 

Fashion Show Wedding Dress(To the right) Emily Polsfut and Shelby Rublee were the stars of the fashion show, recreating parts of the Sitter's wedding as one of the main features (Photo via Town of Kindersley)

There's always been a longing for life in a simpler time. It's nostalgia, and it's nothing new. We often think of vehicles, buildings, and the lack of electronics, romance. The styles in fashion seem to have inspired that sentiment tonight.

"They were beautiful back then, they were actual clothes, not like the stuff we have now," said Irene. She also said that she knew a few of the models, "They look like their parents!" she said of the 11 models that stepped up to make the show happen.

The women sensed that the interview was coming to an end, and wanted make sure people understood how great the night was for them.

"The music was hot," she said as they floated away whispering about next year's show. In fact, more than a few people are talking about next year's event. It appears that this show will have a sequel. A written statement from tourism advisors out of Kindersley confirms it:

"Our “Blast from the Past” Fashion Show held on August 10th was a fundraiser for the Museum. Our models showed off styles ranging from the late 1800s to the 1980s. There were approximately 70 guests in attendance, as well as numerous volunteers. Overall, the event raised nearly one thousand dollars for the museum. We are hoping to make the fashion show an annual fundraiser, and we are already looking forward to next year!"