Anglers can mark their calendars for some free fishing on Family Day Weekend.

Since 2015, Family Day Weekend has been set up for free fishing in the Province of Saskatchewan. This year, it falls on February 18 through the 20. 

Families and individuals looking to enjoy some ice fishing will be able to do so without a license for the duration of Family Day Weekend, in exception of the normal practice.

Murray Koob, a sport fishing specialist for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment in Prince Albert, extends the invitation to everyone in the province.

"It's available for anyone in the province during that weekend," states Koob. "Whether you're from another province or another country, anyone can fish for free in the province on that weekend."

"All other fishing regulations apply though," clarified Koob. "You can check with our angler guide for information on fish limits and all the other rules and regulations." 

Of course, even with all the nice weather being had in the southwest, there is still a concern with regular winter conditions during the event. Fishers will also want to make sure they have appropriate attire for winter conditions. 

Folks should always test the ice thickness before traversing it. Making sure that the ice is at least a foot thick before driving a truck onto it is important. While the vehicle is occupied on the ice, it's a good idea to leave windows rolled down. Should a vehicle go through the ice, down windows can be escaped through easily. 

Another key thing is to make sure someone knows you are out fishing. Notifying someone of which lake you plan to visit, where on the ice you plan to set up, and for how long you intend to be gone are all great ways of keeping tabs. 

Free Fishing Weekend originally began back in the summer of 1989. Family Day Free Fishing Weekend is the wintery side of the same coin, allowing folks to get a taste of ice fishing along side the summer weekends regular angling activities.