As part of the Kindersley RCMP's Report from February 27th, in partnership with SGI they will be focusing on impaired driving for the month of March.

Members are reminding drivers that if you drink or do drugs, don’t get behind the wheel. If you need to get from one place to another while inebriated, some tips include picking a designated driver, or calling a sober friend or family member. People can also call a cab or designated driving service if the option exists, along with public transportation. 

Staff Sergeant with the Kindersley RCMP Kevin Peterson commented on their efforts for the month.

"This month is definitely a focus, I mean year round we are looking at ways to deter and detect impaired driving, but this month will certainly be more of a focus," said Peterson about raising awareness around the issue.

Peterson also shared how the Mandatory Alcohol Screening allows law enforcement to demand a driver provide a roadside breath sample on an approved screening device, whether there is suspicion of alcohol use or not.

"Just an awareness for people too that are being read a breath demand on the side of the road, to know that it's a law that was changed a few years back, and to not be caught off guard."

It's noted this is legal under federal legislation (Bill C-46), which took effect in Canada in December 2018. The approved screening device for alcohol provides results within a matter of seconds. Officers must have an approved screening device on hand at the time of the request.

Peterson wants to remind people that sometimes even one drink is to many, and it's always important to have a designated ride home.